December 2012 Monthly Archive

2012: One Step Closer Towards Consistency

To be honest, I thought it was a pretty awesome year for the cross-currency pairs, as we saw tons of potential setups across all the different pairs. While I didn’t catch much of those strong yen moves, I actually did quite well this year. Here’s a review of my 2012 trading performance. Read more

Zigging and Zagging: Playing the Range on AUD/CAD – Profit Target Hit!

Boo yeah! I finally bagged a winner with this AUD/CAD trade. Looks like my holiday wish came true after all! Read more

Shorting EUR/GBP at Previous Resistance – Trade Closed

Looks like I held on to this trade a little too long! After hitting as low as .8036, EUR/GBP slowly crawled up the charts last week, eventually hitting my adjusted stop loss. Read on to find out what exactly happened and how I could have managed this trade differently. Read more

Weekly Watch: December 17 to 21, 2012

With so much happening to the yen crosses over the weekend, I’m raring to jump into trading this week! But first, here are the must-watch levels on our favorite crosses! Read more

Weekly Watch: December 10 to 14, 2012

Y’all ready for an action-packed week on the cross-currency pairs? Hit up my Weekly Watch and stay ahead of the game! Read more

Jumping in Short on EUR/AUD – Trade Closed

Just my luck… After barely missing my entry on four would-be winners, I finally decide to jump in at market and it ends up biting me in the bum! Read more

Weekly Watch: December 3 to 7, 2012

First week of December, folks! Make sure y’all start the last month of the year on a solid note by hookin’ up your charts with these hot levels on EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY, and EUR/GBP! Read more