October 2011 Monthly Archive

Cross-Eyeing: Long-term Resistance at 1.0500 on AUD/CAD – Trade Closed

So much for that long-term resistance at 1.0500! Because of the dovish BOC statement, the Canadian dollar melted across the boards yesterday. AUD/CAD broke through the key resistance level and my position got stopped out! @#$%^&! Drats! Read more

October 17 to 21, 2011 Weekly Winner: Psychological Support on Guppy Yields 4.4:1 Trade

I missed out on my GBP/JPY trade last week, but looking back, there was another potential setup that I could have taken on the pair. Here’s a simple trade on Guppy that would have yielded a 4.4:1 reward-to-risk ratio! Read more

Cross-Eyeing: Head and Shoulders on GBP/JPY – Orders Cancelled

Looks like Lady Luck just isn’t on my side this week. Even after giving it an extra day, I still haven’t gotten triggered on my GBP/JPY setup! I think it’s time to take off my orders, reevaluate the markets, and look for other setups! Read more

October 10 to 14, 2011 Weekly Winner: Gigantic Moves on GBP/JPY

Leave it to Guppy to make it rain pips! The volatile pair delivered two awesome trade setups last week. One was good for about 200 pips while the other could’ve given you about 300 pips! Money in the bank, son! Read more

Cross-Eyeing: GBP/JPY Support at 119.00 – Orders Cancelled

There was no stopping the Guppy train yesterday, as higher-yielding currencies ruled the day. Unfortunately for me, my buy order didn’t get hit and I missed the move! Read more

October 3 to 7, 2011 Weekly Winner: Double Bottom on EUR/JPY

Some say that being a contrarian pays off, and last week, it certainly did on EUR/JPY! Here’s a sweet setup you could have taken on EUR/JPY that would have yielded an awesome 3.5:1 trade! Read more

Cross-Eyeing: Falling Trend Line on AUD/JPY – Trade Closed

Thanks to a sudden wave of risk appetite, comdolls like the Australian dollar managed to tear up the charts yesterday. Unfortunately for me, this caused AUD/JPY to break its falling trend line! Drats! Read more

September 26 to 30, 2011 Weekly Winner: Two Big Winners on EUR/JPY

Don’t you just love it when you look back and see that you played your cards right? Last week, EUR/JPY dished out two solid winners, and I was able to bag one of them! Read more