June 2010 Monthly Archive

Cross-Eyeing: Bearish Pennant on EURCHF! – Trade Closed

D’oh! EURCHF hit my manually placed trailing stop at 1.3250 when it pulled back up yesterday. Still, a win is a win, +60 pips for me! Boo yeah! Read more

Cross-Eyeing: EURJPY Retracement – Closed Open Orders

Sadly, the bears were too aggressive on this one and did not let the pair retrace high enough to reach my entry point. Because the pair has made a new swing low, I need to close any open orders that I have. Read more

Cross-Eyeing: EURGBP Warming Up – Trade Closed

D’oh! I guess I was a little too confident that the pair would keep rising and I should have closed earlier when I had a chance! Read more

Cross-Eyeing: Bearish Flag on AUDJPY? – Close Open Orders

Do’h! Instead of dropping like a rock, the pair actually broke up top and rallied towards 76.50! Read more

Cross-Eyeing: Breakout Play on CADJPY – Closed Open Orders

Doh! The CADJPY did break out… But to the bottom! Looks like risk aversion remains king of the FX markets! Read more