September 2008 Monthly Archive

Cross-Eyeing EUR/CHF – Close Open Orders

I held my open orders to short EUR/CHF for almost a week now, but with the pair falling on Euro weakness, it looks like I won’t be able to get a more favorable price to Read more

Cross-Eyeing EUR/CHF – Trade Closed

Looks like my trade caught a bit of bad luck as the Federal Reserve unexpected bails out AIG shortly after I posted my trade idea. Risk tolerance grew and carry trades rallied, pushing up Read more

Cross-Eyeing EUR/CHF – Trade Closed

EUR/CHF continued to declined through yesterday’s Asia and European trading sessions, hitting a low around 1.5840 and closing my remaining position at the adjusted second profit target of 1.5850. Read more

Cross-Eyeing: EUR/GBP – Close Trade

The Sterling continued to take a pounding this week as EUR/GBP opened up rallying to .8100 and above. My short trade was triggered and Read more