Video Lesson: My “secret language” decoded

I recorded this video to help with understanding the meaning behind my analysis, the tools I use, and why and how I use them. Hope it helps!

  • Steve44MCaUSAFX

    One Big Question.
    How much do you spend on the MT4 platform monthly?
    It seems all the good trading platforms are way to expensive per month.
    And what is free through, some of the Forex brokers, are the old past there prime chartign systems.  Or the charting is so basic it is hardly helpful.
    I about fell out of my chair when I saw what Xtick and ESignal charges a month.
    Hard to justify spending anything when you are barely breaking even on your  trading, and you are new and in that beginning 1st year learning phase.
    Can you please explain what kind of cost are related to the MT4 and other trading platforms you might know of.

    Risk managemnt on trading expenses, ya know?

    Any help or insight on this subject, would be greatly helpful.

    • Farrowby

      Steve44, You can get MT4 for free from most of brokers on a demo account or live account, try out oanda, alpari or fxcc to name a few. Hope it helps a bit 🙂

    • Desireebruce

      MT4 is free

  • Selina Bliss

    Raghee – you rock!  Thank you so much for sharing this with us – it is really helpful 😀

  • Sharebazar

    Thanks for the video,I really like the video.

  • grits

    When you say that the indicators like BRaG are free at ibfx you are correct.  However, if you try to use them with any other broker they do not work.  I downloaded the CSR from them and when I tried to add it to my charts on Oanda’s MT4, it says “For ibFX users only!”

    Sooo, free if you use ibfx. . .

    • DiligentDuck

      When you added the coloured candles to your charts, did they automatically fill BR & G? I’m having trouble getting the candles to fill with those 3, they just keep staying the same no matter what I change their fill properties to… at best I’m getting a shadow 🙁

      • igrits

        They did not fill because I do not have ibFX.  The indicator does not work with any broker other then ibFX.  If you are using ibFX and it does not work…sorry I can’t help you!

        • Raghee Horner

          For traders who want to check out GRaB and the 34EMA Wave and are not on the IBFX version of MT4, check out my blog at and do a search for GRaB 2.0 the files that you can manually put in your MT4 library are there and will work on any version of MT4. Also, be sure you do not have Chart in Foreground checked in your chart properties as this can prevent the color coding from appearing.

      • Raghee Horner

        One thing you can check is the chart properties. Make sure that Chart in Foreground IS NOT checked as this will prevent the color-coding from painting the candles.