The Queen’s Outlook on the Aussie

My weekly scan for the pairs that I am most likely to trade starts Sunday night or Monday morning. In this scan I prioritize pairs that have Directional Bias – that is – pairs that have trends on their daily time frames.

The idea is to have a focused list of pairs that I will pay careful attention to, this is the process I use to do this week in and week out and you’ll get a look at the detailed steps and tools I use to do this. The first step is understanding how important “DB” (Directional Bias) is to having an “edge” in a market by knowing the overall, dominant psychology at work…and if there is any at work!

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  1. Queen Cleopiptra aka Raghee Horner

    Ooooh. Ouch. no. apparently a girl with a deep voice. LOL

    - Raghee
    (she with a good sense of humor…)


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