My Trend Trading. Three Examples. Two Videos.

Swing trading is – to me – defined my first identifying a trend using my GRaB candles and 34EMA Wave. Second I look for corrections which are bounces to resistance in a downtrend and pullbacks to support in an uptrend. Another one of my favorite tools to use is Autochartist’s PowerStats which offers me insight into volatility.

As a follow-up to both those videos (they run less than five minutes each) here are current PowerStats views for those pairs on the time frames I am trading them.

Think of the price range lines as another way of identifying support and Resistance on a chart but based upon time and volatility.

7-28-2011 12-28-14 PM.jpg

7-28-2011 12-26-55 PM.jpg

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  • Raghee Horner

    I appreciate the feedback and have posted another video update on trend trading today:

  • investment forum

    very interesting ans useful videos, thanks