I’m flat and going short-term until Labor Day…here’s how I do it.

In this week’s video I explain the WHY of getting flat before the Fall trading season, which pairs I am flat in based on the daily market trend (aka Directional Bias), and how to look for short-term opportunities.

I think one of the bigger mistakes traders make is not adjusting their expectations according to the time frame being traded, and I think that’s where many traders could benefit from learning some of the nuances of hourly pip movement ranges and rhythm as well as which financial centers are in session. I discuss all this in the presentation.

Even though I may transition into more “daytrading” (that term is really not applicable in the traditional sense in forex) I still respect the dominant trend as that never be too far from a trader’s mind. The short-term approach is ideal to non-trending symbols as well as where I am at right now which is trying to step away from longer-term commitments to the markets.

As always, questions and comments are encouraged and welcome.

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