The Foundation of the Queen’s Forex Trading!

In this discussion I take a step back to the foundations of my trading approach which I consider what I call “One Mind, Many Markets”: How does a trader both use and capitalize on price movement across multiple markets? For the the futures-forex connection is a powerful one. I call it “forextra” and it gives me a tremendous EDGE. In this video I explain why and how.

I also discuss what it means to “swing trade” and not in the sense that many traders may already have heard it discussed but rather within the context of a trend and how to identify the correct environment to swing trade.

I think many new traders will find this discussion goes against some current “wisdom” which is a powerful thing! Don’t discount how much of what you may already be doing – while “accepted” – many NOT be the most effective!

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  • Saif Jan

    I am going to begin trading forex shortly, but I am still leaning it. I shall be introducing forex to the graduated university students and retired employees. Sometimes in the near future, working as IB of Varengold FX bank includes in my plan.

    Since I am too busiy with other aspects of forex, such as planning introduction of forex and IB, I think I need some kind of robots to help me find trade oppertunities. Once I enter a trade watching it is not a problem. Finding a trade oppertunity is because you never know when it happens.

    I appreciate your comments and any other king of help.

    Saif Jan