Forex order entry can be tricky, here’s a live video of an order fill

My background is in stocks and futures and for a lot of you too, you’re used to directing your own order flow. I’ve talked a lot about how I enter trades, my strategies my tools (like my GRab candles indicator and 34EMA Wave) but I want to shift gears here and show you where the rubber meets the road and that’s order entry and understanding HOW your order gets filled.

All the charthacking in the world – without the proper order entry plan – is never going to make any of your trading plans an actionable reality. And yet, it’s often the order entry aspect of an entry or management that remains UNdiscussed. Let’s tackle that now!

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  • Johnnyfx91

    Thanks for posting this vid. When I first started with MT4 I was wondering why my TP and SL were not being triggered when the price reached those levels. It took me a few days to eventually figure it out. But ur video explains it perfectly. And wow…nice profits shown in ur video btw =D 

  • Raghee Horner

    Thanks Johnny, if you all like these types of videos with more emphasis on order entry and execution, I’ll be happy to share.

  • Granticus_Maximus

    Holy moly… 5pip spread. That’s pretty huge! o_O …I’ll never complain about my 1.5 – 2pip spread ever again… lol
    Thanks for the vid. Very informative! 🙂

  • Doug

    Thanks so much Raghee.  This is great stuff.  Currently studying the wave.  Just began to sink my teeth into your max. profit book.  Will be picking up your 5 days book by months end.  Thank you for giving me 12 successful trades in a row.  I’m more than elated.  I’m learning from you and I appreciate your thoughtfulness.  I’m very new, very little ‘jingle’ on the table with very bright days ahead.  Please enjoy your holiday.  Thx Doug

  • Lauren

    Hey Raghee, I only recently started following you on Babypips and would like to be able to understand what it is you’re actually trading and what it all means. I see you have some indicators on your chart and have read a little about your EMA Wave but am still totally perplexed and am finding it rather difficult to follow along.
    Is there somewhere where you have everything laid out in an easy to understand manner that means any one can come along and trade with you and understand the trades you are taking and can learn to trade your method/methods? Also where they can gett all the indicators for MT4 etc?
    I would love to trade this method as I tend to trade correlations and with the trends. I am always open to someone else’s take on what’s happening and look forward to being able to understand what it is that you are showing people. 

  • Phillip Tillman

    Raghee, excellence job on the video.  Definitely keep up the great work.  If you don’t mind me asking, what broker do you use in the video?

  • hugh henry

    I really like videos and this one is one of the best forex videos i’ve seen more than admiralmarkets ph’s webinars!