The Risk Outlook and What the Calendar Holds

There’s plenty of risk sitting on the sidelines in this market and despite the Dow and USD/JPY’s recent weakness there’s more of a neutral market sentiment at work here.

Much of the market outlook I have regarding the Dow and the yen is tied together. I am waiting to see if the Dow will be sold as it rallies into the 15,800 to 16,000. This could reveal whether I 1) Take a USD/JPY short sell and 2) Get a fill on my CAD/JPY short sell.

Another “forextra” market is the U.S. Dollar Index and the sideways chop that this market has been in. The recent rejection from the 81.20 to 81.50 area lower through the 81.00 major psychological level has allowed the EUR/USD to bounce from the 1.35 level.

In today’s video I walk you through how intramarket analysis gives me an edge. Along with that I walk through many of the trend shifts we’re seeing the market and some of the chaos that is leaving behind.

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  • Jan

    Great analysis. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  • Thanks for your very nice analysis, however you didn’t mentioned an important development that took place today. Japan’s government announce a timeline for implementation of stimulus, that’s a rare move IMO

  • Thanks Jan, I record this video every Monday and share it here at my blog. I appreciate your feedback.

    Aaron, since I do record this on Monday of course some of the events that occur later in the week are not covered or known but I do agree with you, that news is important. I have open trades in the USD/JPY and CAD/JPY. If you are interested in more up-to-date analysis from me, you can get my free video newsletter here: