How and When to Move to Breakeven Stops

We can all get a little too fixated on new entries and often at the expense of managing perfectly good, well-performing open forex trades.

It’s tempting to want that next entry and it’s easy to get distracted by that next shiny new trade, but it’s the trades that are WORKING for us that will yield the pippage to allow us to keep trading.

I’m not talking risk management either. I am talking about winner management:

How do we move away from the stop loss mentality and start to manage the trade like a winner? It’s all about moving stops in a strategic way to risk only unrealized pips (“house money”) while riding out a trend.

I share two recent examples with the EUR/JPY and the NZD/CAD.

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  • My Wave is the 34 period EMA on the high, the low, and the close. I also use a 20 and 200 period SMA on the close and an 89 period EMA on the close. Hope this helps!