Market Trends and GRaB Candles

If you have been following the Queen here at for any amount of time you know that the charts have some rather different and interesting tools on them, namely the 34EMA Wave and GRaB candles.

Both these have been very popular and besides that point: They are the foundation of what I trade and how I trade it.

In this video I explain – in detail – how to set them up, how to use them, and the way I set up my charts.

While I am using the TradeStartion platform in this video, you can download the MT4 version of my studies free (at or download the IBFX platform where they are already built in.

  • Booty

    Whats the name of this (Moving Average) Indicator you are using?
    I mean the one, with the 3 different averages which are not crossing at reversals!?
    Would be very kind of you

    Thanks, and have a nice weekend

  • fillipo

    Hello Cleopiptra,

    Sorry if I am deviating from the topic but what happened to those snow flakes on this website that use to depict the festive period(Xmas and holls)..That was really special and I feel u guys should look into it…thank u