Current Stories, My Positions & Outlook for 2014

In this video I discuss the way I determine relative strength amongst my favorite currency stories and how I position my entries within the “zone” and how that can effect my position size. The quality of the daily trend (Directional Bias) is a major consideration and helps me eliminate certain pairs from my Radar. This is a vital step to keeping my attention on those pairs that I am interested in entering or that I am managing. Far too many traders spread themselves too thin across multiple pairs when they do not have an EDGE. That edge for me is a clear trend on the daily time frame, even if I am trading intraday because I want to be on the side of the overall, dominant psychology.

The GBP and NZD are two currencies I want to get long in – but against which other currencies. Understanding the two “individual” currency stories in a pair therefore is important. Positioning sizing will also be effected by which relationships are my “favorite” and I explain how I determine that in this week’s video.

You can learn all about my indicators – the 34EMA Wave and GRaB Candles where I discuss these two tools in details as part of my overall trading plan.

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    Hi Cleopiptra,

    how do you try to get the best information or news how long does it worth to buy GBP and NZD and on the other side to sell the CAD, AUD and JPY?

    Thanks for the informative video. How often do you have such an update on the currencies?

    Happy new year

  • becoming a big fan of Raghee !!11

  • Love it

  • Nice video and well explained|Can you share your views on EURUSD for 2014?

  • Great video! Thank you for explaining the Forex trends. Have you seen the daily Forex trading signals videos by Gary Kamen? He’s really good at explaining the most promising signals, and he offers commentary on how I can learn to decide what’s my best investment. I’m a relative newbie to stocks, commodities, and Forex investments, and his videos make a lot of sense to me.