Charity Webinar Series Next Week: FX All Stars – Come Learn from the Pros

This is a chance to DO GOOD and learn! You can join me Queen Cleopiptra from at the…

FX All Stars – Come Learn from the Pros

For the First and Possibly Only Time ever, the true Pros and most Respected Experts in the Retail Forex Industry are coming together to give you 5 Days Worth of Expert Education and Advice. Not only is the $25 admission price a BARGAIN , but part of the proceeds will also go to Doctors Without Borders and an Orphanage in Africa that Rob Booker’s daughter is raising money for:

Here is what you can expect to learn at this once in life time event

– Designing the right Forex Battle plan to attack the market

– Identifying the only four entries you will ever need to trade any market and any timeframe.

– Trading for 10-120 pips every single day during the North American session

– Day trading currency flows using news and price action only

– Using Elliot Wave principles and inter-market techniques to identify strong trade ideas

– Effectively anticipating the news to trade effectively in front of major economic releases

Join Us for this Rare Jam Packed Week of Trading Lessons from the Best Minds in FX!

Again, here’s where you sign up.

You’ll get access to all the speakers when you sign up, again just $25 and for charity. Here’s my presentation information:

Thurs Sept 15 Raghee Horner
“Got Forex?” From Introduction to Execution
7 AM – 8 AM ET /11 GMT – 12 GMT

Raghee will take you from beginner to forex trader in a five-step process. Learn why every trader should understand the currency markets, when to trade, and which pairs to watch. Learn the only four entries you will ever need to trade any market and any timeframe. Learn to master market cycles and chart patterns for accurate entries and risk management. Master order execution to take your trade set-ups to the market effectively. Learn to take advantage of market correlations across the futures and stock market as you trade forex. Raghee Horner will go on to discuss with in-depth data, average pip ranges, the best days to trade, which pairs move the most and when! Also learn the details of taking the “market pulse” for better forex set-ups. Learn how to use and simultaneously trade the US dollar, the Dow, crude oil, and gold with your forex set-ups. Raghee will walk you through each step of her trades as she teaches you how to manage multiple timeframes, pick the right time frame for the trade, confirm price action with her two favorite indicators, and how to properly use the Wave. Whether you day trade or want to invest, Raghee will teach you how to properly position yourself for the optimal entry and the correct stop/loss placement using her POV (point of validity) method. Raghee will walk you through how she handles trade set-ups and order entry so you can avoid being “eaten alive” by economic data volatility. Master chart pattern set-ups (triangles, wedges, V bottoms, and more) to take advantage of short-term and long-term trades. Come to this intensive session and discover what her current trades are and get all of your questions answered.

  • Matt

    I’m going to be at work and unable to access these, do I have to buy the $25 ticket before the event to watch them “on demand” at a later date? Or can I pay the $25 at a later date?

  • Raghee Horner

    I am not sure about that Matt. I will try to record my session and make it available at a later date.

  • Kristiadi

    Hi, is this a webinar? I’m really interested in participating

    • Raghee Horner

      It’s a week-long webinar-palooza! One speaker every morning. I teach on Thursday from 7:00 to 8:00am EST.

  • Tony


    i also work during the stated times……. i would very much like to attend and willing to pay for fee……. will they be recorded to watch at later stage????

  • Davis

    I know this is a little late before it starts, but I just signed up and they said that the sessions will be recorded and you can view them for 24 hours after the event. So don’t worry if you can be there when it’s live.

    • Tonyx10

      Thank you

    • Raghee Horner

      That’s right Davis, I did jsut get a message from Boris that these will be recorded and made available online.