May 2012 Monthly Archive

Forex order entry can be tricky, here’s a live video of an order fill

All the charthacking in the world – without the proper order entry plan – is never going to make any of your trading plans an actionable reality. And yet, it’s often the order entry aspect of an entry or management that remains UNdiscussed. Read more

Signs that the market is ready to bounce!

The Dow is at the bottom of the sideways trading range and that means that the bulls could step in. What are the signs? Where are the set ups IF the market bounces? Here’s a video update. Read more

Gaps Closing, Risk Off the Table, & Set Ups to Watch.

As this morning’s Dow rallies past the gap close on the YM Dow futures contract, the stall that would be expected at that resistance level and further up into the major psychological level at 13,000… Read more

Dollar & Dow Rally and QE Unwinding

Usually the conversation surrounding a Dow rally is dollar weakness but not today, the market’s fallen down the “QE” rabbit hole. Read more