October 2011 Monthly Archive

A walk-through my BOJ Intervention play

There’s not a lot to say about the USD/JPY today. Everything that had to be said I think occurred a week ago with the test of 76.00. What I did want to outline here were the clues, the price levels, and the thinking behind the buy set up and the trigger of 76.00. Read more

EUR/USD Defying Gravity

There’s a battle occurring between near-term sentiment (risk appetite) and a longer-term (bleaker) outlook for the market and specifically the euro. But the euro refuses to obey the headlines, the doubt, and the optimism trade is still on. Read more

Corrections versus Reversals: A look at today’s EUR/USD move

The EUR/USD’s rally today was a correction of the overall downtrend that can seen on the daily chart. This trend view from the daily is the most psychologically relevant opinion and therefore the most dominant view of the pair – regardless of today’s intraday move higher. Read more

Trends Explained in 11 minutes.

I have been waiting for a pullback in the USD/CAD and it’s here. The set up as well as my view on trends are explained here in this video, just 11 minutes! Read more