January 2011 Monthly Archive

GBP/USD Stabilized at 34EMA Wave Support

Most of today’s forex talk focused around the GBP/USD since that was where the headlines and traders were focused. The cable while weak has set up a swing buy opportunity on the daily and I walk through the set up on today’s show. Read more

Be aware of Directional Bias espeically when it comes to longer-term, intraday time frames.

This is more of a cautionary set up than one that I would recommend taking. It involves the power of understanding the Directional Bias of the daily and how longer-term time frames (60 and 240-minute) entries should follow the Bias if there is a trend. Read more

What’s your Trading Lifestyle costing you in time?

Before there was a word for it, I think I was looking at how I could “hack” trading… in other words: How would I get the best (most effective) results in the shortest amount of time? Read more

Getting Stopped Out, Regrouping, and FX Options.

Today’s episode is about “failure”. What’s that?! Yes, I am taking about the recent succession of trying trades that – despite the fact that I followed my rules – have simply nit worked out. Read more

Setting Up Between the Greens Entries

When the market is volatile and/or the Directional Bias of the daily is sideways (in accumulation or distribution) I will rely on my Between the Greens (BTG) set up that uses Fibonacci-based exponential moving averges to gauge corrections in the (very) short-term trend. Read more

Sentiment + Momentum = Trend

If it all begins with sentiment, then the logical question to ask would be: What effects sentiment? Sentiment in a basic way can be described as bullish or bearish opinion. They are always both present in the market, however, it’s the balance of these two opposing opinions that we are watching. Read more

The U.S. Dollar Breakdown, Neutral Directional Bias, and Price Action Going into NFP

Today’s ForexAM video is – as far as I’m concerned – the first one of the year since the volume/bank holidays really didn’t make for an interesting or fully participated Monday session. The dollar did break lower and stay below the 34EMA on the daily chart and this has brought about a transition in the daily directional bias to a more neutral or sideways direction. Read more