July 2010 Monthly Archive

EUR/CAD: Unfamiliar pair? Familiar set up…

Since the daily chart is strong, that bullish sentiment will be reflected by traders buying into the intraday pullback in expectation of a continuation of the uptrend. The market direction on the 30-minute chart is a narrow-ranging accumulation cycle, as confirmed by the one-bar Initial Trend reading. Read more

Intraday Decision Level on the Swissy

It’s very likely that the intraday USD/CHF has found a sideways range to trade within as the Asian session approaches. The current market cycles on the 15, 3, and even 60-minute time frames indicate that the small move lower during today’s trading session leveled the short-term time frames out as the 240-minute and daily charts remain range-bound. Read more

Is the short-term USD/CHF ready to roll over?

With the mark up cycle still intact, the 15-minute USD/CHF is weakening once again as prices test the 1.0550 level. This is the second, arguably the third such test in as many days… Read more

GBP/USD Testing Resistance at 1.5200

After moving lower withing the Falling Wedge pattern and reaching support the support target along 1.4948. The GBP/USD has rallied and broken the resistance at 1.5085 and is currently looking for footing above the “00″ major psychological level. Read more

Playing the Potential USD/JPY Exhaustion

The USD/JPY has sold-off and transitioned into a distribution cycle which from my experience can be an *account killer* unless you make the proper adjustments to price movement expectation. Usually in distribution, prices will exhaust at near-term highs and lows Read more