May 2010 Monthly Archive

USD/JPY makes all the difference…

Throughout Thursday’s U.S. trading session, momentum in the USD/JPY was key to confirming the rally in equities… Read more

What will happen at the intraday EUR/USD bottom?

For traders who have been watching the trio of intraday lows along 1.2141 (S1), 1.2143 (S2), and 1.2175 (S3) on the EUR/USD, the wait may be over:.. Read more

U.S. Dollar pulls back on equities mid-morning recovery.

The US Dollar Basket has moved lower on the 60-minute chart as the Dow Jones is still weak but has significantly pared back the losses seen earlier in Tuesday’s trading session. The Dow’s mid-morning recovery has slowed the pace of US Dollar buying. Read more

Waiting on a U.S. Dollar Pullback?

The US Dollar reached an intraday high of 87.21 before pulling back steadily into the latter half of Monday’s New York trading session. Read more

Testing 83.00 on the AUD/JPY – Wating for a Breakdown

The AUD/JPY is poised to test 83.00 once again following buyers being rejected at the resistance waiting between 84.75 and 84.50. The weakness of the AUD/JPY reflects the weakening of the Australian Dollar versus the Japanese Yen. Read more

Short Term USD/CAD Showing Transition

After a down day in the crude oil and lumber markets, strength in the U.S. Dollar, and an entire session where the Canadian Dollar lost ground against the U.S. Dollar, the USD/CAD seems to have found a near-term intraday top. Read more