My positions & handling the current market, and Q&A

I have two playbacks for you all this week…it’s really my first week back since I was keeping the market more or less at arm’s length last week due to the onslaught of central bank events.

This is week is a little lighter on the calendar than last as the market gets to digest the positive Chinese data, last weeks NFP, and we have the RBNZ this week. The GBP is also having a great couple of weeks here.

Here’s the Q&A presentation with some of the most asked questions I get:

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  • Mateo Rodriguez

    Hello Raghee. Thank you for posting this article and the vids. It somehow gives me a bit of knowledge about the market. I am planning to do Forex trading and a good friend recommended GDMFX. Do you have any idea about GDMFX? I already did some research about it but I decided to ask several professional people in the industry for more background check that is why I am asking you. Thanks.

  • i always lose. i dont know whats going wrong. can anyody help me ?

  • Mateo Rodriguez

    haha I don’t know what to say. I am a newbie. Don’t have much knowledge about Forex trading. Did you try opening a demo account first? BTW, may I ask what platform are you trading with? Mine is GDMFX and they do have this demo account and the so-called Hermes Academy for traders.