A Look at My Forex Trading Spreadsheet

In this week’s video I cover the details of exactly what I watch and monitor on my forex trading spreadsheet Read more

To Follow a Trend, You NEED a Trend

In this week’s forex video I cover my guidelines for trend-following including: directional bias, corrections and price ranges. Check it out! Read more

The Building Blocks of My Forex Trading

It’s not what you may already have heard. It’s not common, and it’s certainly a road less taken…I think that’s why it’s worked. Read more

Currencies That Are Driving My Newest Entries

Each week I have to re-examine, re-investigate, and re-consider all the drivers of my forex trades and setups. Read more

My End-of-Summer Individual Currency Watchlist

Here’s my currency Watchlist that I will carry into September. When the participation and liquidity return I can expect more follow-through. Read more

The Pairs on my Watchlist: Careful & Cautious

“There will be other opportunities after this one.” It almost always follows a missed trade or a significant move, but there will be another! Read more

The What, How, & When of Your Forex Trades

If thinking is the process of asking and answering questions to make good forex trading decisions, you better make ‘em good questions, right? Read more

The Seven Questions I Ask Before Entering a Trade

These are the seven essential questions of a trade…those I need to ask and answer before I enter a new forex trade. Read more

Understanding the Rhythm of the Day & Price Movement

There is a historical and typical rhythm to the markets and individual pairs. Understanding that is what this forex video is all about. Read more

Focus on “Driver” Currencies: EUR, CAD, & my EUR Watchlist

In this week’s market outlook presentation, I discuss which individual currencies are on my Radar and which pairs on my Watchlist. Read more

Learn How! Dissecting & Individual Currency Stories

Today’s video is all about two of these techniques I use DAILY. Maybe they are terms that are new to you but rest assured they ARE important. Read more

Finding Clarity (and trades!) Post ECB

The EUR pop I was waiting for didn’t quite happen like I hoped, but the strategy is on! Read more

The FIVE Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Trading

My own mistakes painstakingly studied, relived, & mended. Thousands of students trained and observed. And you get it on a silver platter. Read more

A Look at the Queen’s Summer Trading Approach

Summer is a good time to downshift to shorter time frames. I explain what I see & how I handle this kind of market in this week’s forex video. Read more

Weekly Outlook: GBP Themes, Dow & JPY, & the EUR

This video is a walkthrough of my GBP positions & most recent GBP/USD set up, as well as a revisit to a couple of important forex trading concepts. Read more