Backtest Results: Amazing Crossover System (Version 2.0)

Greetings, dear humans! I’m sure y’all are excited to see how the Amazing Crossover System (Version 2.0) fared in the yearly backtests I conducted. For those who haven’t seen the tweaks I applied, make sure you read these revised system rules first.

I ran the tests on the 4-hour chart of EUR/USD from August 1, 2013 to August 1, 2014 and got the following results, assuming 1% risk per position:

forex amazing crossover v2As you can see, the system generated 2006 pips or a 20.06% return in a year, which is pretty amazing. To top it off, only two losses were made as price made a quick reversal in a couple of instances. Not bad!

Looking closer into the numbers shows that the maximum win was 240 pips or 2.40% and that the average win was at 110.3 pips, more than a 1:1 return-on-risk based on the initial 100-pip stop. The longest winning streak lasted by 5 trades, yet the system managed to churn out a bunch of breakeven trades as well, thanks to the 20-pip trailing stop.

The parabolic SAR seems to be a good PT strategy, as it allowed the position to stay open and maximize longer trends. However, the 20-pip trailing stop may need to be widened when the system is being applied on longer-term charts, as some huge trends were missed on quick pullbacks.

I’ll save the rest of my comments when I release my overall review on the Amazing Crossover System (Version 2.0) later on. For now, I’ll be running the forward tests for the month of August.

This is your friendly forex robot signing off!

  • wwbar

    Wow, that’s incredible results. What do you use to back test? And does my account size make a difference when trading something like this?

  • cheshboy

    Looks excellent chaps

  • TjayFX

    These are incredible results! Can you still use the 1HR timeframe with this system or does it have to be 4 Hr time frame?

  • mk

    Hi Robopip, thanks for this. Was this using 4hr period? How do you handle this scenario in your EA: the bar the position opens on is showing the ‘close signal’ with the SAR, so it closes the position immediately for a loss. This loops until my account is depleted. I know I can prevent this by trading only once per bar, but still, I don’t want to be closed out of that position because it could be a winner. So how do you in your logic distinguish between the opposing SAR signal that occurs at the end of a trend vs the opposing SAR signal that may be present when opening a position? Thank you.

  • Neil

    Hi Robopip, please help us humans! I just can’t seem to reproduce your results. You report 2 losses in the entire year, I have 2 in the first few weeks and many more after: 20 in total, and 30 winners (50 trades total). Please see the screenshot of my backtest for the first few weeks where 2 loosers are shown and show me where i’m going wrong! First loss is position close due to opposing SAR signal, second loss is 100 pip stop loss. This is EUR/USD 4hr, Aug 21 – Sep 9 2013 shown. Really looking forward to your feedback. Thank you.


  • Disparity

    Did you use the same ‘move to break even’ method once you were up 20 pips?

  • alex


    How do you perform backtests? I have a system that I would like to do this with


  • Fxseo Fxseo

    I am a newbie where and how can I get this amazing system

    • Robopip

      Hey there! Just check the forum links and blog posts I’ve included on the Amazing Crossover system, including the original version.

  • Wibie_G

    Just like to share how I use the system for Xau/Usd in 1hr chart. What I
    have modified from the very original version is:

    1) RSI: Buy Sig above 55 level, Sell Sig below 45 level.

    2) [KEY TO MY STRATEGY] I only take trade when the crossover is in line with the 1 hr PSAR which also shows together WITH the early dots of THE 4 hr PSAR. Logically, this is when the move will be big after the alignment; hence, higher probability to win. Of course, this theory doesn’t apply when you’re in a side-way market.
    Tip: I use ‘Parabolic trendchaser.mq4’ to help me spotting the alignment of both PSARs within my 1 hr chart.

    3. Stop Loss at latest swing before signal (This is common practise I believe). If Signal candle is relatively long, I’ll use the top/bottom of that candle.

    4. Size: Risking <2% of my balance, including fees.

    5. RIsk Reward: Typically 1 : 2.5. After that, price usually retrace for the pair. I modify Fib Retracement tool–like in MacFibo trading system–so I could precisely mark my SL, OP, and TP.

    • Robopip

      Thanks for sharing your tweaks! Got any backtest results? I’m interested to see how this performs in a month or maybe a year. Nice risk-reward though!

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  • Taner Ali

    hey sorry i am a bit confused, can you elaborate a little please? so when price moves 20 pips away from entry price in favour of trade, then you switch to a 20-pip trailing stop? is it a dynamic stop (i.e. one that automatically follows price) or do you adjust it every hour by yourself or something like that?