Forward Test Results: Amazing Crossover (Version 3.0)

And the numbers are in! The Amazing Crossover System (Version 3.0) only churned out a few valid trade signals for the past few weeks, but the results aren’t too shabby. Have a look!

Amazing Crossover Forex Forward TestEUR/USD kept grinding lower this month, but it looks like some of the moves were too choppy for this forex mechanical system to catch. At least it was able to jump in that sharp selloff early in the month, as it bagged a 1.41% gain on that move.

Quick retracements and range-bound behavior throughout the middle of the month prevented the system from capitalizing on the steady downtrend but all in all, it was a decent effort to filter out the volatile moves and minimize losses. With nearly 1% in gains for the past three weeks, I ain’t complaining!

For now, I’m gonna head back to my pod to review the backtest results and come up with my evaluation for the Amazing Crossover System (Version 3.0) based on my framework for forex mechanical systems. Stay tuned!


  • ForExchange

    Hi Robopip!

    First thanks for sharing your results. Second, don’t you think that only having three forward testing trades are too few to make conclusions?

    Have a nice weekend,


  • trader27

    hi Mr. Robopip … given that you made a few tweaks to the original system, you must have realized that 100 pip stop loss , as well as a 50 pip-trailing stop was a good idea , based on what? the ATR? i mean i would like to introduce this system to other pairs , and i just would like to know what to take into account when making my own rules… thanks a lot for sharing

  • Abbas


    I am trying desperately to replicate all the backtests you have provided but with no luck. I am not sure what I am missing!

    I would really appreciate if you can share a trade journal (Time, Entry price and Exit price) of one of the backtests so I can trace what I am doing wrong.

    Really appreciate your help

  • Mario Alberto Medina Nussbaum

    May I suggest a larger forward test? I think we need to test it at least 4 months, to catch enough market “entropy” to be sure that this is not a trending time that is good for this and all trend following systems.

  • Mario Alberto Medina Nussbaum

    I found not important the closing time for the candles. My broker is GMT+3 and this strategy works almost equally.

  • Najib Ul Rehman Malik

    This is pretty good system