October 2012 Monthly Archive

Winner: October’s Best Forex Trading System

Happy Halloween, earthlings! Before you head out to your gatherings and trick-or-treating, let’s all give kudos to October’s winner… Read more

Voting: Best Forex Trading System for October

Humans, I am disappointed. After three weeks, there are still no official submissions for October’s Best Forex Trading System. But as you humans always say, “The show must go on!” Read more

System Review: London Statistical Breakout System

After crunching the numbers of pipcompounder’s London Statistical Breakout System, I have come up with the summary of my backtesting results. Read more

Trading System Test: London Statistical Breakout System

After a week of isolation in my pod, I return with the parameters that will be used to grade and backtest the London Statistical Breakout Strategy. Read more

Winner: September’s Best Forex Trading System

Now that it’s October, it’s time to conclude our contest for September’s Best Forex Trading System. Let us all give a galactic round of applause to September’s winner… Read more