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How to Backtest an EA on MT4

It has come to my attention that newbie forex traders could appreciate a quick tutorial on backtesting EAs using MT4 so I decided to write a short guide to help y'all get started.

Dissecting a Pair

This week, I discuss the importance of knowing the story of an individual symbol before jumping into correlations and other related markets.

GBP/JPY Stop Adjustment

GBP/JPY moved up another hundred pips or so but there are signs the move may be slowing. Time to adjust to lock in more profits!
Jack the Pipper

Euro is an Overvalued Momentum Trade – Equation #2 Says So

On Tuesday I shared with you an equation which sufficiently explained why capital flow was a valid rationale for the rally in the euro against the US dollar.
Forex Ninja

Q2 2014: The Big Banks' Forex Price Forecasts

We're a few weeks into the second quarter of 2014 and my, does time fly fast when you're catching pips! Here's what the big financial institutions are predicting for forex price action in Q2.

Adjusting Open Positions in USD/JPY & NZD/JPY

Volatility has been quiet thanks to the Easter holiday, but the Yen is slowly grinding lower. With data coming up, I'd like to reduce my risk.
Pip Surfer

Cowabunga System Daily Update: Tuesday, 04/22/2014

I only had one small trade today, but unfortunately it was a loss. See how it all went down in today's Cowabunga Surf Report.
Pip Diddy

Asian Session Recap - April 23, 2014

Timberrrr!!! The Aussie was the biggest loser in the Asian forex trading session after Australia and China both printed weaker-than-expected reports.
Forex Gump

Forex Trading Guide: RBNZ Interest Rate Decision

Will the RBNZ raise its rates for a second month in a row? What could happen to NZD if it doesn’t? Don’t forget to read this forex trading guide before you make your trading plans!
Big Pippin

Daily Forex Chart Art - Apr. 23, 2014

Got a healthy mix of short-term and long-term forex setups on today's set! Check out these potential plays on USD/CHF, USD/CAD, and NZD/USD.
Dr. Pipslow

How to Match Your Personality with Your Forex Trading Strategy

If you're having trouble sticking to your forex strategy, then you might need to figure out if your personality matches your trading style.
Happy Pip

Forex Update: Chance to Short EUR/AUD

Got the opportunity that I've been waiting for to short EUR/AUD! Tell me what you think of this forex trade setup.
Hucklekiwi Pip

Forex Trade Ideas: GBP/USD and USD/JPY

I'm not planning on trading for the rest of the week but here are a couple of trade setups for currency warriors who are still looking at the major pairs!