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Pip Diddy

Top Forex Market Movers of the Week (Nov. 28 - Dec. 2, 2016)

There were three main themes this trading week: another week of pound strength, demand for the Loonie, and yet another fun week of yen bashing. So, what was driving forex price action on these and the other currencies?
Forex Gump

A Review of the November NFP Report

The November NFP report sent a mixed signal, so the Greenback unfortunately didn't get a major volatility infusion. What happened? And did the November NFP report affect rate hike expectations?
Dr. Pipslow

Taking Advantage of Changing Forex Market Themes

How can you identify changing forex market themes and how can you make it work in your favor? Here are a couple of tips.
Big Pippin

Intraday Forex Charts Update – Dec. 2, 2016

Let's end this week's intraday forex charts update with a Swissy + chart pattern double special. Specifically, I've got a rectangle for USD/CHF, a channel for GBP/CHF, and a wedge for CAD/CHF.
Pip Diddy

London Session Forex Recap – Dec. 2, 2016

Trading conditions were rather tight during today's morning London session, likely because forex traders were hunkering down for the last NFP report before the December FOMC statement.
Forex Gump

7 Key Takeaways from the OPEC Meeting

In case you’ve been too busy playing Final Fantasy XV, you should know that the highly-anticipated OPEC meeting ended with a historic deal. Here are 7 things you need to know.
Hucklekiwi Pip

Trade Idea: USD/CHF's Retracement Play

If you're looking to jump in on the dollar's rally, then you'll want to check out this retracement play on USD/CHF's daily time frame. What do you think of this setup?
Pip Diddy

Asian Session Forex Recap - Dec. 2, 2016

The Greenback took a step back against its major counterparts, as Asian session forex traders took profits before the NFP report release. Here’s what’s up!

Forex System Update: SMA Crossover Pullback (Nov. 14-25, 2016)

I'm back with a couple of weeks' worth of SMA Crossover Pullback system trades and I'm seeing a lot of green! Check out how the latest positions turned out.
Big Pippin

Daily Chart Art - Dec. 2, 2016

It's Friyay, yo! Start your Friday right with these short-term setups on EUR/USD and USD/JPY and a swing trade opportunity on AUD/NZD. Check it!
Pip Diddy

U.S. Session Forex Recap - Dec. 2, 2016

The Greenback was in a weak spot against its forex rivals as U.S. equities closed mostly lower, even though economic data wasn't all that bad.
Pip Surfer

Cowabunga System Daily Update: Thursday, December 1, 2016

It was a great day for me as I was able to grab +36 pips off of one trade today. See how it all went down in today's Cowabunga Surf Report.
Big Pippin

Intraday Forex Charts Update – Dec. 1, 2016

We'll be taking a stroll down memory lane today, since we'll be checking up on our old setups for GBP/USD, EUR/NZD, and EUR/GBP. And it goes without saying, but we'll also be looking for fresh setups of course.
Pip Diddy

London Session Forex Recap – Dec. 1, 2016

Directional movement was rather limited for many pairs during today's morning London forex session. However, the pound and the Swissy were very clearly on the move. What's up with that?
Forex Gump

Forex Preview: U.S. NFP Report (Nov.)

Hello, forex friends! The last NFP report before the December FOMC statement is coming up tomorrow, so chances are good that the Greenback may get a volatility infusion. And if you're planning to trade this top-tier event, then gear up by reading up on today's Forex Preview.
Pip Diddy

Asian Session Forex Recap - Dec. 1, 2016

Forex price action was a mixed bag of nuts, as risk-taking got mixed in with a bit of profit-taking ahead of this week's other major reports.

Trade Update: CAD/JPY Channel Breakout

I had my doubts about an OPEC deal but I decided to stick to my guns in keeping this long CAD/JPY position open. Now it's time for me to lock in some gains and consider pressing my advantage.

Profit Target Hit: Short-Term USD/JPY Uptrend

I was in and out of this USD/JPY trade real quick, and fortunately I was able to score pips! Here's how my short-term position turned out.
Happy Pip

Trade Review: NZD/CAD Uptrend Pullback

Well played, OPEC! The oil mafia made an offer that Loonie bulls couldn't refuse, causing NZD/CAD to drop. Thank goodness I made some adjustments!
Big Pippin

Daily Chart Art - Dec. 1, 2016

Can you believe we're down to the last trading month of the year? Start your month strong with these short-term plays on USD/CHF and GBP/NZD and a potential long-term breakout on GBP/JPY!