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Pip Diddy

London Session Forex Recap – Sept. 28, 2016

Price action during today's morning London session was rather wonky since the euro reigned supreme while the Kiwi floundered, even though risk appetite returned.
Forex Gump

A Quick Primer on the CME Group's FedWatch Tool

From time to time, I bring up the CME Group's FedWatch Tool to show rate hike probabilities. And if you ever wanted to learn more about this nifty tool, then today's little primer will help you out.
Hucklekiwi Pip

HLHB Trend-Catcher System Update (September 19 - 23, 2016)

A pretty surprising week for the HLHB! This trend-catcher gained pips on EUR/USD despite its tight range while it lost pips on GBP/USD even though it showed more volatility throughout the week.
Pip Diddy

Asian Session Forex Recap - Sept. 28, 2016

Ho-hum. With not a lot of data scheduled today, forex traders had their eyes on risk sentiment and Asian equities price action.
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Trade Idea: NZD/USD Wedge Breakdown

Since the RBNZ hinted that they might cut rates again while the Fed stands ready to hike sooner or later, I'm gonna hop in this NZD/USD selloff. Take a look!

Trade Idea: GBP/CHF Triangle Bounce

I spotted this neat descending triangle support test on the 4-hour chart of GBP/CHF, and market sentiment seems to be lining up for a bounce. What do you think?
Big Pippin

Daily Chart Art - Sept. 28, 2016

Can't decide if you're trading the majors, comdolls, or currency crosses today? Don't worry, I got yo back with these hot forex setups on GBP/USD, AUD/USD, and CAD/JPY!
Pip Diddy

U.S. Session Forex Recap - Sept. 28, 2016

Rally and reverse! The Greenback tossed and turned throughout the New York trading session as economic releases failed to push the currency in a clear direction.
Big Pippin

Intraday Forex Charts Update – Sept. 27, 2016

Today's intraday chart update is kinda special in that we'll be reviewing last Thursday's setups for EUR/CAD, EUR/GBP, and EUR/CHF. Of course, we'll also be looking for new setups as well.
Pip Diddy

London Session Forex Recap – Sept. 27, 2016

Europe got swamped by another wave of risk aversion, so the safe-haven yen was in demand yet again. Meanwhile, reports about Iran's refusal to join an oil deal took its toll on oil and the Loonie.
Forex Gump

Monetary vs. Fiscal Policy: What’s the Difference?

Why are more and more central bankers calling for fiscal policy changes? Let’s revisit the relationship between monetary and fiscal policies and why it’s important to combine both to achieve growth.
Pip Diddy

Asian Session Forex Recap - Sept. 27, 2016

With not a lot of data on the docket, forex traders turned their focus on the first U.S. presidential debate. Read on to see how the markets reacted!

Trade Review: NZD/CAD Long-Term Range Breakout

Since the RBNZ hinted that it's willing to lower rates further, I'm gonna jump out of this long Kiwi position before it starts tumbling.
Forex Ninja

Weekly CFTC COT Forex Positioning: Pound Bulls Returned, Aussie Bulls Fled

The value of net long bets on the the Greenback fell again. However, the latest COT report shows that the Greenback had a mixed performance since it advanced against the Aussie and Kiwi, but got pushed back by the pound.
Happy Pip

Trade Review: Watching GBP/CAD for the BOE Decision

So much for that GBP/CAD short! The pair did move in my trade's direction but my adjusted stop loss was hit on that Loonie selloff.

Trade Review: CAD/JPY Descending Triangle

Looks like I caught the wrong side on this one so I've cut my losses quickly with this CAD/JPY setup. Think I should hop in the opposite position?
Big Pippin

Daily Chart Art - Sept. 27, 2016

Who's ready for more forex trade opportunites? I'm serving up some hot ones today with these setups on EUR/USD, EUR/NZD, and NZD/CHF!
Pip Diddy

U.S. Session Forex Recap - Sept. 27, 2016

Even though U.S. data came in slightly stronger than expected, it looks like forex junkies are steering clear of U.S. equities and the dollar. Here's why.
Dr. Pipslow

5 Common Mistakes Made by Newbie Forex Traders

Today we're exploring the five of the most common mistakes that newbie traders make. Which one can you relate to the most?
Big Pippin

Intraday Forex Charts Update – Sept. 26, 2016

It's time for another week of intraday charts updates. And I'll start with a yen + channel double special today, with USD/JPY, CHF/JPY, and AUD/JPY in focus.