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4 Additional Forex EA Order Functions You Need to Know

Last month, we've covered the topic of opening trade orders on your forex EA and looked at a few examples. This time I'll be discussing additional functions you might need in managing your trade orders.

Identifying Transition: The Account Killer

Being a "Jack of All Trades" is the only way to master the forex markets. Think it's true? Here's why I do...

Forex Watch: Long-term EUR/GBP Play

After a recent cold streak, I'm getting back on the horse with this longer-term forex setup on EUR/GBP. Will this deep pullback eventually draw in sellers?
Jack the Pipper

The Greeks Used To Call It “Hubris”

Proudly spending other people’s money with little in the way of accountability might be considered hubris by those of a more conservative bent.
Forex Ninja

Can Bitcoin Really Replace Fiat Currencies Soon?

Despite all the challenges facing the bitcoin industry these days, cryptocurrency enthusiasts continue to believe that significant progress is being made. Should forex traders be worried about bitcoin replacing traditional fiat currencies?

Forex Adjustment: USD/JPY Long

With a really busy economic calendar this week, I thought I'd adjust the stop on my USD/JPY long forex position to lock in gains ahead of event risk.
Pip Surfer

Cowabunga System Daily Update: Wednesday, 05/06/2015

Well it was a much better day for me today as I was able to grab 30 pips off of one trade. See how it all went down in today's Cowabunga Surf Report.
Pip Diddy

London Session Forex Recap - May 6, 2015

We got positive services PMI data from both the U.K. & euro zone to kick up forex volatility, while the comdolls continued the down the paths started in the Asia session.
Forex Gump

NZ Jobs: What the Headline Figures Aren't Telling You

One glance at the freshly released New Zealand jobs report might lead you to think that another RBNZ interest rate cut is a done deal already but the underlying data says otherwise.
Big Pippin

Daily Forex Chart Art - May 6, 2015

I've spotted a couple of forex range setups and a potential retracement play on the charts today. Here's what I got on USD/JPY, GBP/AUD, and USD/CHF.
Dr. Pipslow

3 Common Forex Trading Myths Busted

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just a newbie, I’m sure that by now you’ve already come across a few generalities about forex trading. Some may have some truth to them but these three are nothing but myths.
Happy Pip

Forex Trade Update: NZD/USD Breakdown

So far so good on my NZD/USD short forex trade! The pair broke below the support levels I was looking at and I'm planning to keep this position open for a bit longer. What do you think?
Hucklekiwi Pip

HLHB System Update (April 27 - May 1, 2015)

Fakeouts, fakeouts everywhere! Not a good forex trading week for the HLHB System no thanks to tons of fakeouts on EUR/USD and GBP/USD.