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How to Open Orders in a Forex EA: Part III

As promised, I'll be providing a few examples on how to set orders using your forex expert advisor in this tutorial article. Time for a bit of practice, dear humans!

How and When to Move to Breakeven Stops

How do we move away from the stop loss mentality and start to manage the forex trade like a winner?

Forex Trade Review: AUD/CAD Short

A quick stop adjustment on my AUD/CAD forex short ahead of the BOC monetary policy decision was triggered to take me out of my position. Here's quick review.
Jack the Pipper

Stop Bashing the Fed – It is Pointless!

Let’s face facts. People love to hear bad things. We ogle at train wrecks, we gather to watch buildings on fire, and we can’t get enough of crime scene tape.
Forex Ninja

What's New In The Algorithmic Forex Trading Industry These Days

Thanks to recent developments and stronger interest in algorithmic forex trading strategies, this part of the industry has drawn scrutiny and calls for stricter regulation.

Forex Trade: GBP/USD Short on a Bounce

Good morning forex friends! Starting off the week with a very simple GBP/USD retracement setup. Will sellers take back control on a bounce to broken support?
Pip Surfer

Cowabunga System Daily Update: Thursday, 04/16/2015

I was able to come up positive by 15 pips even after losing one trade today. See how it all went down in today's Cowabunga Surf Report.
Pip Diddy

London Session Forex Recap - Apr. 17, 2015

The U.K. unemployment data was the headliner for what was an active forex market seeing both choppiness and direction going into the weekend.
Forex Gump

What You Must Know About the Latest ECB & BOC Statements

Monetary policy biases play a very important role in determining longer-term forex price trends, with any changes in rhetoric usually yielding plenty of profit opportunities. Are we seeing this in the latest rate statements from the ECB and BOC?
Big Pippin

Daily Forex Chart Art - Apr. 17, 2015

I've spotted a couple of triangle patterns and a potential double bottom formation on the forex charts today. Go on and check out these setups!
Dr. Pipslow

5 Traits of a Good Forex Trading Mentor

For many of us, we have to rely on ourselves to find that mentor who can guide us in our journey to become consistently profitable forex traders. Here are the traits you should look for.
Happy Pip

Forex Trade Update: GBP/AUD Short-Term Pullback

Boy am I glad I took a chance on this GBP/AUD short forex trade setup! Of course there are a couple of points for improvement but overall, I'm happy with how I managed this one.
Hucklekiwi Pip

Forex Setup: EUR/USD's Range

After catching pips from last week's USD/JPY trade, I decided to turn my focus on EUR/USD. What do you think of this forex setup?