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Pip Diddy

Asian Session Forex Recap - Dec. 6, 2016

1 hour ago | 1:41 AM | 6 December 2016

Asian session market players kept calm and carried on today after getting jittery over Renzi’s resignation yesterday.

Forex Ninja

Weekly CFTC COT Forex Positioning: Large Speculators Became Net Short on the Yen

4 hours ago | 11:30 PM | 5 December 2016

Large speculators boosted the value of net long bets on the Greenback yet again. And the latest COT forex positioning report reveals that the Greenback advanced against most of its peers, but mainly at the expense of the Japanese yen.

Jack the Pipper

Time for a US $ Correction? USD/JPY short a fav...

5 hours ago | 9:49 PM | 5 December 2016

Momentum is clearly waning, but has not yet turned down.


Trade Idea: EUR/USD Long-Term Floor

6 hours ago | 9:30 PM | 5 December 2016

Has EUR/USD finally bottomed out? Its long-term range support was able to keep losses in check with a reversal candlestick to boot! Think I should go long?


Trade Update: CAD/JPY Channel Breakout

6 hours ago | 8:51 PM | 5 December 2016

I'm pressing my advantage on this one, fellas! CAD/JPY keeps heading north so I've added to my long position on a pullback earlier this week. Here's a quick update.

Big Pippin

Daily Chart Art - Dec. 6, 2016

7 hours ago | 8:19 PM | 5 December 2016

Who's up for position trades today? I hope you are, because I've got hot forex trade opportunities on the daily charts of EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/CAD!

Dr. Pipslow

Keep An Open Mind By Constantly Questioning the Market

13 hours ago | 2:07 PM | 5 December 2016

While discipline is important, we also have to watch out for when our trading process makes us impose our ideas on what the market should do, instead of reacting to what is actually happening.

Forex Gump

3 Central Bank Statements Coming Up This Week

23 hours ago | 4:08 AM | 5 December 2016

News traders, huddle up! We've got three major central bank announcements that could spice things up in the forex arena this week. Here's what to expect from each event.

Hucklekiwi Pip

Weekly Trading Prep (December 5 - 9, 2016)

23 hours ago | 4:02 AM | 5 December 2016

Are you ready for another week of trading? Here are potential inflection points and event catalysts for the major dollar pairs!

Happy Pip

Comdoll Trading Kit (Dec. 5-9): Forex Market Preview

1 day ago | 9:30 PM | 4 December 2016

I'm seeing a couple of trend plays for this week's set of central bank statements! Here are the potential inflection points on AUD/USD, USD/CAD, and NZD/USD, too.


Forex System Update: SMA Crossover Pullback (Nov. 14-25, 2016)

4 days ago | 10:28 PM | 1 December 2016

I'm back with a couple of weeks' worth of SMA Crossover Pullback system trades and I'm seeing a lot of green! Check out how the latest positions turned out.

Pip Surfer

Cowabunga System Daily Update: Thursday, December 1, 2016

5 days ago | 2:01 PM | 1 December 2016

It was a great day for me as I was able to grab +36 pips off of one trade today. See how it all went down in today's Cowabunga Surf Report.


The Anatomy of a Choppy Market Trade

2 weeks ago | 1:00 PM | 22 November 2016

While they don't always work out, having a plan for a choppy market entry and low risk is key. Here's the set up!